Flawless Affect is a campaign aimed at redefining beauty by turning society’s interpretation of a FLAW upside down. This project provides a creative outlet that showcases participants’ flaws in a new and beautiful light through the medium of photography. The main goal is to accentuate an attribute that causes someone shame into something to be proud of. And although positive body image awareness is not new, we are unique in our approach. We offer a channel of creative expression to anyone interested in sharing their uniqueness.

This is all about the power of perception. If a person who thinks they are flawed is able to see themselves in a way that makes them feel beautifully unique,  it creates a deep chasm between what they "think" and what they "see." It is a way to shock their mind into eradicating the negative stigma they have imposed on themselves through years of negative conditioning. In essence, it facilitates a reboot of their perception of themselves, manifesting in self acceptance and pride.

The process of redefining a flaw requires questioning two other problematic concepts: “Normal” or “Different”. Common interpretations of what it means to be Flawed, Normal and Different create a very damaging triad in a person’s psyche. This campaign is designed to tackle each one. SELF ACCEPTANCE is the master key. When we choose to celebrate what we think are our “flaws”,  a spiritual and psychological process of alchemy begins and we become FLAWLESS. And when we feel flawless we no longer feel abnormal. We all begin to understand that Different is the new Normal.

 We no longer need to arrange ourselves around society, society arranges itself around us. Societal norms always conform to the self confidence of the individual. 

Now, I'm not telling you what is right or wrong. This is a fluid piece of art bringing a fresh perspective or "an artistic lens" for people with society imposed body image issues to highlight their inner strength, while creating beautiful art pieces that can help transcend their own self loathing. 

The three main ideas that we aspire to achieve through creative photography are:

Accept yourself. You are who you are and nothing can change that

Be knowledgeable about the medical history and community that shares your uniqueness.

Embrace and celebrate you for you!

Although this movement arose from my life experience of being born with a very prominent port wine stain on my face it isn't limited to birthmarks. It is for anyone who feels flawed; whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. I want to raise awareness about flaws, conditions, diseases, and disorders of all extremes.

Join the movement, understand the movement, BE the movement.